Interior Architecture

Interior architecture represents human relationship with the outdoor universe. Unlike architecture which is always dealing with enormous urban measures, interior design is specialized for public and private places in human measurement. Interior architects of Life Board Sazeh not only have enough knowledge in this field but also try to enhance the vibes got form the architectural atmosphere as there is a cohesion in the decoration. In other words, they design the place according to what inhabitants expect from them. Interior architecture is linked to psychology, philosophy and art as it is concerned with designing. An architecture expert focuses on native, economical, industrial and cultural aspects of architectural spaces. A creative design is based on relative use and perfect building structures. Specific related issues include building industry and the knowledge of its apply, sketching via a computer, furniture design, making replicas, ergonomics, communicative media, building materials, support services, structure and behavior psychology.


Life Board Sazeh contains international performance and designing, deliberation service and interior architecture.

Designing Studio: 5th Floor, Brand Center (Administrative and Commercial complex), Farmaniyeh Street, Tehran

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